Adriatic Automation is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s leading supplier of Process Automation and Control equipment. Working with us, you can be confident that you are dealing with a company with the expertise to solve all your process control problems and give you access to most of the “State-of-the-Art” equipment available in the market today.

In addition to our access to process control equipment from many of the leading global suppliers we also have a wealth of application experience and industry knowledge that will help deliver the proven performance and reliability you need to remain competitive in today’s ever changing business environment.


Whether you're looking for measurement and analytical devices, valves and final control elements, or control systems and software, Adriatic Automation, can provide a solution that will meet your technical requirements and deliver value at an affordable price. Many products are available on a "Quick-Ship" process so just contact us when you need a fast delivery on all your process control requirements

As an example of the cutting-edge expertise that Adriatic Automation can bring to your plant we are experts in Wireless technology. Wireless is the latest communication protocol that is quickly taking the global process industry by storm and is giving customers the flexibility and affordability of adding measurement devices into applications and measurements that were previously thought either impossible or not cost-effective. Globally more and more organizations are adopting ‘Wireless Technology’ to help unlock their plants potential.